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Dr. Bill is a child of God who's gifting is working as a Psychotherapist 

specializing in real life solutions for real life challenges. He works with 

individual, couples, families, businesses and communities and maintains a 

private practice in Orlando, Florida. 

He is very proud to bring to Central and South Florida, state of the art 

counseling techniques and new technologies that are individually 

solution focused. He often combines cognitive behavioral therapy with a 

God given technique for renewing your mind, ( to 

improve the lives of his clients who come to see him from across the U.S., 

Canada, Europe, and Asia. 

Over the last 25 years Dr. Bill has worked with moms and dads, sons 

and daughters, men and women who were in charge of households, CEOs, 

COOs, CFOs of small & large for profit and not for profit companies, and 

with local, state and federal governmental oversight, people in the movie 

industry, and professional athletes. Regardless of who Dr. Bill works with 

he possess the uncanny ability to quickly understand and find real world 

solutions thatare unique for each person to help them become all that God 

created them to be.

Dr. Bill is an interactive, solution-focused christian therapist. His 

therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help 

clients effectively address personal life challenges. He integrates 

complimentary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly 

personalized approach tailored to each client integrating the word of God 

into their lives. With compassion and understanding that only God our 

father can provide, he works with each individual to help them build on 

their strengths and attain the growth in their character they are striving 

for. For Dr. Bill it's not just about quantity of life but is all about Optimal 

Living God's Way! 

Prior to choosing full-time private practice he worked for several very 

large healthcare organizations with the day to day operational oversight of 

multi-million dollar budget, health & social programs serving tens of 

thousands of children and families annually.

Dr. Bill has presented at national conferences and to general audiences 

speaking on a number of topics and is published in the prestigious 

Journal of the Joint Commission on Quality and Patient Safety.