Christian Marriage Counseling in Orlando by a  Orlando Christian Marriage Counselor is all about You and what you want for your life!

                         Life is all about choices.

        Some you make and some are made for you!

Are you looking to have the best life possible? If so, 

finding ways to communicate effectively your 

thoughts and feeling to your significant other can make 

all the difference to staying married.

I am a former Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator and

Clinically Trained and Licensed in Counseling to help

Individuals, Marriages, Couples and Families just like 

yours work through difficult life challenges to have the 

best life possible!

These are some of the life challenges I have spent my

whole adult life learning about, so i can assist others

like you and your family.

  • Help developing new skills for handling stress and anxiety
  • Help modifying unhealthy behavior
  • Help you have a better marriage or relationship
  • Help attaining insight into personal patterns and behavior
  • Help to increase self confidence, peace, vitality, and well-being
  • Help with improving ways to manage anger, depression and moods
  • Help with discovering new ways to solve problems
  • Help with navigating you life’s obstacles more effectively
  • Help with improving your listening and communication skills
  • Help with enhancing your overall quality of life
  • Help you have a much better relationship with your partner
  • Help with improving your impulse control
  • Help with making better decisions
  • Help with breaking old destructive patterns
  • Help with enjoying life again
  • Help with PTSD
  • Help with Adult and Adolescent ADD/ADHD
  • Help with OCD


You may be asking yourself, is it really the time for me to see a counselor 

like Dr. Bill Singer for marriage or couples counseling?


It has been said " If you want something different in your life, then you 

must do something different in your life." I am here to assist you with 

any concerns and questions you may have about going to a counselor. 

Don't you think you owe it to yourself and loved ones to find real answers!   

        I have found reaching out is the best thing to do!    


Please accept my personal invitation

For most of us, it takes both wisdom and courage to reach out for 

counseling and therapy. Let me ask you to rate your life satisfaction from 1 

to 10, 1 being your life is the worst and 10 being your life is the best. If your 

life is not a 9 or 10, then what are you waiting for?

For an appointment at our office on or additional 

information you can contact me by text or call 

407-496-9475 and online by email 


If you are within 200 miles of Central Florida you owe it to

yourself to call me! Don't wait any longer, life really can be 

so much better or not !

Dr. Bill

My office is located at 8516 Old Winter Garden Rd. Suite #205 Orlando, Fl. 32835.