Renewing your mind for His Glory

For over 2000 years, we as Christians have been directed in the Bible 

to renew our minds. Do you know God still wants you to renew your mind 

daily? He does. It is written in Romans 12 2 "And do not be conformed by 

this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may 

prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God". We are 

further directed to dwell on the word day and night. Okay, how do we dwell 

on the word day and night? I mean, you can't read the bible all the time. You 

have to sleep sometime don't you?

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God our Father has provided a way!

For the first time in the history of mankind, there is now a way to get the 

word of God into fertile ground where you can really dwell on it day and 

night. His word and fertile ground can only produce good fruit. I hope it is 

becoming even more clear to you that as a believer you must renew your 

mind as directed by God. Being a believer is just the first step to becoming 

a disciple of Christ. In American there are many believers but there are 

fewer followers and sadly not many disciples. All of this is about to 

change. God says in His word that He puts before us life and death and the 

choice is ours. I pray you make the right choice and choose life!


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before available process for renewing your mind with the word.




How much does God love you?

He loves you so much that it does not matter where you live, if you are rich 

or poor, or anything else about you. He loves you so much that His son 

Jesus Christ died on the cross to take away your sin. Today, right now you 

can accept jesus into your life! Just ask God to forgive your sins and that 

you want Jesus to come and be your savior.


                   Welcome To God's Family!