.         At  Christian Orlando Counseling we believe God is bigger than any of our challenges!


        As a believer, you were created by God to thrive. 

                      We are here to help you thrive!

If you have never reached out to a Christian Counselor who has an 

anointing to open peoples hearts and free them from the stress and fears 

of this world, then you are about to experience something that is unlike 

any other. It can make a world of difference to you and your love ones.


Christian Counseling in Orlando is provided by a Orlando Christian 

Counselor who is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology in a private, beautiful 

upscale office, by phone or over the internet, Monday through Saturday, 

8am to 11pm for a reasonable cost to you.


We specialize in Individual counseling including Adult & Adolescent

Counseling.  A highly personalized approach in taken tailored to your 

individual needs, to help you obtain the results you are looking for. 

The benefits of our services often stretch beyond just the individual 

receiving them but carry over well into their whole family and their 


Specializing in supporting men, woman and children as

appropriate concerning:

  • Help with Depression
  • Help with Anxiety
  • Help with OCD
  • Help with Panic Attacks
  • Help with Phobias
  • Help to improve school performance 
  • Help with Stress Management
  • Help with Addiction & Recovery
  • Help with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress)
  • Marriage & Couples Challenges
  • Help with Pornography Addiction
  • Neurofeedback ( Optimal Brain Functioning )
  • Help with Sleep Problems
  • Help to achieve Optimal Performance in (i.e. Social , Sex Life, Golf, and Business Decisions)
  • Help with Divorce Recovery
  • Help with Unwanted Weight Gain
  • Help with Premarital/Relationship Compatibility
  • Help with Lack of Sexual Desire / Problems
  • Help with Health Concerns
  • Help with Grief & Loss
  • Help with Work & Career Issues
  • Help with Parenting & Family Issues
  • Help with Conflict Resolution
  • Help with Spiritual Growth

                       Making an appointment is so easy.

Office location 8516 Old Winter Garden Rd.  Suite #205 Orlando, Fl. 32835

Just text or call 407-496-9475 and leave a confidential message

requesting an appointment. You can also email a request to human-

potential@att.net. Most requests are answered with 2 hours or less.